Artist Designed

Movement in mind

Sammi Lee is the artist behind this collection who creates original artwork and clothing designs for all genders. Her paintings and designs are inspired by nature, music, movement, mythology, self-exploration and self-expression. Clothing and accessories are made of high quality sublimated and screen printed fabric,  sustainably made whenever possible, and always ethically made- sweatshop free.    


The artwork you will find here includes paintings, digital, and mixed media. Check out the Original Art for one of a kind pieces, or the Art Prints and More for giclee and canvas prints, stickers, tapestries and other creations.


If you are interested in a particular size print or piece of clothing you don't see available, or would like to inquire about commissioning an art piece, please use the contact box below or email   



Mintaka is also known as δ Orionis, or Delta Orionis, and is the western most star of Orion's Belt. The Great Pyramids of Giza, the Xi'an Pyramids in China, and the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico all show an alignment to Orion's belt on an individual and collective level. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the Gods had come to Earth from Orion and Sirius to create mankind, and there are many different civilizations and cultures all throughout history that tell their own stories of these stars.

Some believe that the Orion nebula acted as a stargate that aliens used to enter our universe, while others believe that souls from these stars have reincarnated here on Earth. These souls that originated in other star systems are called starseeds, and their soul purpose of being reincarnated on this planet is to assist in the evolution of human consciousness by seeking truth and sharing light. 

We're inspired by these mythologies and by the idea that anything is possible. We believe in the universal oneness that connects all living beings and we believe that art has the ability to inspire, awaken, and connect. 


We strive to fight fast fashion through supporting fair wages, creating ethical and sustainable products, and making eco-conscious decisions as much as possible. A portion of our products are created with fabrics made of bpa free recycled plastics and organic cotton and we hope to expand that portion as we grow. A percentage of our profits are donated to protecting our Earth through different organizations. Click the links below to learn more ~   


Each order = One Tree Planted

One Percent for the Planet